Princess Crown Hair Clip - Gold

Like millions of Americans, I have been obsessed with the Olympics this past week. So many questions! (Doesn’t Shaun White’s hair ever get in the way? Why is Johnny Weir obsessed with all things Russian? Why doesn’t NBC show curling in prime time? Why do all the snowboard tricks have such bizarre names? Who is the mother of Bode Miller’s baby? Do Americans really love figure skating as much as the volume of figure-skating coverage would suggest?)

I even love watching the medal presentations, mostly to see if the gold-medal winner will sing the national anthem. (Is it possible some of them don’t know the words?) And then last night: a revelation.

No doubt more than a few of you watched the women’s downhill medal presentation and noticed Julia Mancuso’s tiara. Here was my thought process:

She is so pretty!

What a sparkly barrette she has!

Oh, my God, it’s a tiara!

Is she insane?!?

But then I rethought my position. After all, if you cannot wear a tiara when you are accepting an Olympic medal, I don’t know when you can.

Now I’ve decided that Julia Mancuso is a genius. And I would like to propose a few other times in life when we should all don our tiaras:

• college graduation

• first day of a big new job

• in the labor room, after the delivery of a child

• around the house, once you’ve gotten that child potty-trained

• parent-teacher conference night

• when you go to the post office to mail your taxes

You see where I’m going with this. Please add your nominations to my tiara occasion list. And a hearty thanks to Julia Mancuso for—hopefully—starting a brave new trend.