By Kristin van Ogtrop
Updated January 22, 2015
Mystic Kettle Cooked A classic kettle-cooked chip: crunchy and a bit greasy but good. To buy: Rusty's Island Hand Made Maui Style "They pack tons of potato punch," one tester said. But the most remarkable thing about these little chips is their hefty crunch. To buy: Terra Blues These stood out for more than just their (natural) bold blue color. Testers commented on the "great potato flavor," which came through thanks to the "minimal amount of salt." To buy: at grocery stores. Utz Classic Russets Gourmet Dark Testers liked that these chips were noticeably darker in color and more robust-tasting than most. The combination of russet potatoes and peanut oil results in a rich flavor with a slightly sweet aftertaste. To buy:
Kana Okada

• junk food


• movies with depressing endings

• mediocre books

• whether people who don’t know me think I’m a good parent

• trying to turn my hair into something it’s not

• cats

• people who just want to talk about themselves

• nagging my kids to clean their rooms

the whole self-help genre

• darning socks


• big cities with bad architecture

• popular music

• chain e-mails

• “fat free” anything

reality show stars