Real Simple readers share their favorite activities.

By Real Simple
Updated September 27, 2016
Dan Page
Dan Page


“Doing nothing and going nowhere. I should be working out, because work precludes that during the week. I should be cleaning; I should be grading papers; I should be weeding. But instead I reserve this day for no ‘I should be’s.’ Once I wake up, feed the dogs, and make coffee, I sit. I turn on some really mellow music, often classical, and read the newspaper. No phone and no computer at my reach. This is the closest I feel to myself for the entire week, and the older I get, the more sacred it becomes. I do not venture out into the world until I am absolutely ready, which on Sunday might not happen at all!”
— Ginnie Caskie-Johnson, Lafayette, Colorado


“I give myself a mini facial, then take a long shower or bath. It’s something small, but it helps me relax before I start the week. And it’s always nice to have a little pampering.”
— Jeanette Seisdedos, Cloverdale, California


“Church…the best recharge for my week.”


“Clean out my bags. I go through my purse and get rid of trash, receipts, and anything else I don’t want to carry around all week. I do the same with my work and gym bags. I may not end up at the gym, but my bag is always ready to roll!”
— Sue Salisbury, Westbrook, Maine


“Starting the day with an heirloom recipe. On Sunday mornings, after we mind the dog and the cats, my husband makes ‘grandpa eggs’ for breakfast. His dad used to fry bacon, chop it up, and scramble it with eggs—thus the name.”
— Leslie Scheper, Yellow Springs, Ohio


“I change my sheets on Sunday. A clean, crisp bed is refreshing, and a good sleep helps me start the week right.”


“A long run. I wake up around 6 A.M. and try to log 6 to 10 miles. With three daughters under six years old (and another on the way!), this ritual is essential for me to reflect back on what worked during the past week and what needs to be tackled in the days ahead. And I love coming home to a daughter or two snuggled in our bed or everyone making pancakes.”
— Brenda Walsh, Avon, Ohio


“Balderdash! On Sunday evenings, we play this game with dear friends. We’ve been at it for more than 25 years. We laugh and laugh and sleep well afterward.”
— Carol Mattoon, Mission Viejo, California


“I cook a big meal. One like my grandmother and mother used to fix. It’s important to spend time with family over traditional meals. (Like a good pot roast with all the trimmings.)”
— Carmen Miller


“Act like it’s Saturday. I have a glass or two of wine with dinner, do something fun, and remind myself that Sunday is a day off and not to stress about the coming week.”
— Missy Mauro, Stamford, Connecticut


“I take a look at our family schedule. I bought a planner that allows me to track all of the kids’ school assignments, projects, and activities, as well as mine, quickly and easily. I fill it in on Sunday so I have an idea of what to anticipate.”
— Paula Cull, Georgetown, Kentucky


“We video-chat with our older son. He lives five hours away, and this weekly appointment keeps us connected and helps us keep family a priority. On occasion I’ve asked him to turn the camera around and let me see how clean his apartment is. Yikes!”
— Anne Schurmann, Monroe, New York


“We put away all technology on Saturday night at bedtime and don’t use any screens until Monday morning.”
— Lindsay Murray, Breslau, Ontario


“I stay in my pajamas. Not having to leave home for that one day truly recharges my batteries.”
— Linda Phillips, Chicago, Illinois


“I boil a dozen eggs. Doing this makes it easy to quickly grab a couple along with some fruit for breakfast on the go, or as a protein boost after the gym during the week.”
— Claire Byerly, Minneapolis, Minnesota