When the mercury starts to climb, keep your cool with these clever helpers.
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No matter how much you look forward to warm summer weather during the winter, nothing can prepare you for that first truly hot and sticky day. And when a heat wave rolls into town, it's (almost) enough to make you long for a snow day. Luckily, there are plenty of genius cooling products out there to keep you comfortable no matter how warm it gets outside.

First are the obvious gadgets and appliances, like tower fans and air conditioners. These seasonal products are essential for cooling down targeted areas of your home in the summer months. Then there are lesser-known products, such as this clever fan that's designed to fit under your bed to keep you cool as you sleep. If you typically run hot while sleeping, it's a total game changer.

Moreover, you can upgrade all of your sleep essentials to ensure a sweat-free night's rest. Think breathable, lightweight sheets and cooling pajamas. These can work wonders for keeping you cool throughout the night, especially when paired with an AC unit or fan.

Finally, you can stock up on cooling towels and frozen treats for when you're really in a pinch. They offer a quick fix to even the most unbearable heat, and are great to have on hand for the next time hot weather strikes.

If you're sweating your way through a heat wave right now, keep scrolling to shop eight smart products to cool you down this summer.

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Lasko Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan

$64, amazon.com

A tower fan is a great investment that you can use as needed throughout the year. Whether you have air conditioning or not, you can set up this oscillating fan from Lasko in any area of your home that could use a little extra cool air. Although it's compact, it can cool down an entire room with three quiet speeds and an automatic shut-off timer. 

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Black+Decker Portable Air Conditioner

$355 (was $380), amazon.com

When fans just won't cut it, a portable air conditioner may be in order. This one is easy to install and comes with a remote control. It has enough power to cool down rooms up to 250-square-feet and can function as a dehumidifier to keep your space cool and dry. Thousands of Amazon shoppers give a five-star rating, so you can trust it to get the job done.

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Casper Hyperlite Sheets

from $109, casper.com

Appliances aren't the only way to stay cool during a heat wave. You can also upgrade your bedding with breathable sheets, and Casper's new Hyperlite sheets are some of the best you can buy online. They're made of cooling tencel lyocell and have a grid weave that allows plenty of airflow.

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BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Cooling Fan for Beds

$499 (was $569), amazon.com

Upgrade your sleep routine with this cooling machine. Once set up, a fan delivers cool air under bed sheets to keep you from feeling sweaty on hot summer nights. Even better, you can control air output and set a timer from a handy remote control. And it's not just for summer either—in the winter, use the heat function to stay cozy.

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Alfamo Cooling Towel

from $6, amazon.com

There's nothing like a cool towel on the back of your neck when a heat wave settles in. On particularly steamy days, try this reusable, super-absorbent towel that comes in four sizes. Simply saturate the towel with water and snap it three times to activate cooling. The towel will feel up to 30 degrees cooler than your body temperature and stays chilled for up to three hours.

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Lunya Cool Every Body Tee

$88, lunya.co

Keep night sweats at bay by sleeping in this lightweight, oversized T-shirt from Lunya. It's made of a breathable cotton and polyester blend and hangs loose on the body for a cooling effect. Choose from multiple colors and rest comfortably in style.

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Qutool Cooling Bed Pillows 2-Pack

$53, amazon.com

Get that cool-side-of-the-pillow feeling all night long with this set of gel memory foam pillows. The pillows are hypoallergenic and made with bamboo fiber for a naturally cool feel. They also come with washable covers that you can easily remove and toss in the washing machine as needed.

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Goodpop Organic Freezer Pops

$24, amazon.com

This next-level version of the nostalgic classic will keep you refreshed and hydrated when the mercury climbs. These tasty organic pops are made with 100 percent real fruit juice and won't fill you up with sugar like some other icy summer treats. They're also free of all the artificial junk, like color, flavor, and preservatives. Each pack contains nine concord grape, nine fruit punch, and six strawberry lemonade pops.