5 Genius Products to Help You Beat the Heat

When the mercury starts to climb, keep your cool with these clever helpers.


Sweat-Free Slumber Gadget

Photo by amazon.com

Upgrade your sleep routine with this cooling machine. Once set up, a fan delivers cool air under bed sheets to keep you from feeling sweaty on hot summer nights. Even better, you can control air output and set a timer from the BedJet’s iOS and Android app. It’s not just for summer either—in the winter, use the heat function to stay cozy.

To buy: BedJet V2, $399, amazon.com.


Cooling Bed Linens

Photo by qvc.com

Does the heat keep you awake at night? Sleep easy with these super soft 2,000-thread-count sheets. The cotton-poly blend contains Nanotex, which wicks away moisture from the skin. The set comes in a variety of colors and includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and four pillowcases.

To buy: Home Reflections sheets, From $54; qvc.com.


Chic Table Fan

Photo by amazon.com

Stay cool with this sleek (and powerful!) stainless steel fan with three power levels. The Q shape makes it a sturdy addition to a tabletop or floor surface. It can circulate up to 85,000 cubic feet of air in spaces 430 square feet in size. It's nice and quiet, too. 

To buy: Stadler Form Q fan, $170; amazon.com.


Chilly Towels

Photo by thegrommet.com

On hot days there’s nothing like a cool towel on the back of the neck when you’re outside. On particularly steamy days, try this reusable 32-inch-by-12-inch version. Simply saturate the towel with water, and then squeeze out the excess to activate cooling. The towel will feel 20-30 degrees cooler than your surrounding temperature and last for 2-5 hours.

To buy: Ice Cold Towels, $30; thegrommet.com.


Refreshing Freeze Pop

Photo by sundaycats.com

This next-level version of the nostalgic classic will keep you refreshed and hydrated when the mercury climbs. The tasty organic pops are made with real fruit juice and whole food electrolytes from coconut water and sea salt. Each pack contains two watermelon, two strawberry lemonade, and two pineapple treats.

To buy: Sunday Cats, $6.29 plus shipping; sundaycats.com.