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Real Simple’s mission, through its 20 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. 

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An Actually-Cute Plunger—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week
With company coming over for the holidays, why not delight young and old alike with arguably the most adorable plunger (yes, we said it!) the world has ever seen? Plus, a dish to make buttering bread at dinner a cinch, a waterproof outlet to keep your lights bright no matter the weather, and a mat to keep Fido busy when guests arrive.
Not Your Average Screen Protector—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week
It’s almost the end of November, which means it’s time to both blast Christmas music and start to tackle your holiday shopping. Have an active teen in your life? We’ve found a brand that makes jewelry perfect for those who want to swim, go to spin class, then shower, all while leaving their favorite necklace on. You’ll also find a pot to make holiday cooking easier and a tool to make sure your lights are ready for the holidays. We sure are!
A Stand to Protect Your Soap Bar—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week 
So close to Thanksgiving, we can almost taste the mashed potatoes and smell the turkey in the oven! Before it’s time to make the big feast, grab a couple of these items to make it easier on yourself. A cast iron pan that won’t snap your wrist in half when you move it from burner to oven, a Bloody Mary mix guests will think you made yourself, and two kitchen tools to keep everything, including your sanity, from slipping. 
A Brush That Can Scoop and Baste—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week
Turkey season is upon us, so make sure you have the appropriate tools before Thanksgiving dinner hits the table. We’ve found a two-in-one brush and drizzler, a knife set to ensure the person carving the bird does so with ease, and a mat to protect your back seat when the family pup is along for the ride.
A Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week
As we welcome November, let's get a head start on preparing for the holidays. Here you’ll find a tasty little non-alcoholic cocktail, perfect for hosting a pregnant relative, a calming collar to soothe your pup when the house is full, and a meal delivery service that will take care of Thanksgiving dinner.
A Linen Pouch That Will Keep Bread Fresh—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week
It's almost entertaining season, so this week we've found a do-it-all linen pouch that will just as easily keep your bread fresh on the counter as keep a pie covered in transport to a party. Also, plant-based wipes to make your jewelry extra sparkly, a perfect roasting pan for holiday meats, and even a soothing eye mask for the morning after.

More Clever Products to Simplify Your Life

A Kettle Controlled by Your Smartphone—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week
This week, we've found a cutting board that's naturally antibacterial, a precious little book to teach kids why they should brush their teeth, and a water bottle that will clean itself. Then there's the iKettle, which will simply heat up water at the touch of your smartphone for a perfect cup of tea.