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By Brandi Broxson
December 27, 2019
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Peter Ardito
Peter Ardito

Essential Spices Collection

Possible news flash: Spices have expiration dates. This space-saving set of 24 half-cup packets lets you update all the go-tos—garlic powder, dill, turmeric—at once.

To buy: $85;

Brian Henn

Travel Laundry Bag

When you pack, toss in the tiny pouch. At the hotel, take out the laundry bag and attach the collapsible hanger—you have yourself a moisture- and odor-resistant hamper in the closet. In eight colors.

To buy: $20;

Brian Henn

Shower Vapor Tabs

Just right for cold and flu season, these tablets release aromatic, sinus-clearing vapors as they dissolve in a warm, relaxing shower.

To buy: $5 for 3;

Courtesy of manufacturer

Soma 10-Cup Pitcher

This pitcher-filter duo has style (minimalist-chic silhouette, bamboo handle) and eco-friendly cred (BPA-free plastic, plant-based filters).

To buy: $40;

Brian Henn

The Vermonter Glove

Wear these hand-stitched leather gloves now for toting firewood—and all spring and summer while you garden.

To buy: $100;

Courtesy of manufacturer

Yoga Mat Spray

After a sweaty Bikram class, spritz your mat with this essential oil spray to naturally disinfect it and keep it nice and grippy. In seven scents.

To buy: $11;