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By Lauren Phillips
December 14, 2018
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This combo soap and dish detergent dispenser and sponge holder can swivel around the edges of any sink, keeping the essentials within easy reach without cluttering valuable counter space.

To buy: $20;


Adjust and rearrange the iron plates on this wall-mounted organizer to suit storage needs as they change. The plates can work as bookshelves, hat stands, coat hooks, leash hangers, and more, giving hallways or entryways some much-needed versatility.

To buy: $45;


Be the hit of any party with this cookie shot glass kit, which makes whipping up a batch of cookie shots a breeze. Adults can enjoy them with an alcohol of choice; non-drinkers and kids can fill the centers with milk, fruit, chocolate, and more for a delightfully unexpected treat.

To buy: $15;


Swap go-to laundry pods for these eco-friendly alternatives, which arrive in recyclable, compostable packaging. Dropps Pacs also have natural stain-fighting abilities, so clothes will look and smell clean—without leaving an excessive environmental impact.

To buy: $34 for 140 pacs;


Bartend on the go with this portable bar, which includes a shaker, muddler, stirrer, jigger, and more in a durable waxed canvas roll. Bring it along on camping trips, picnics, outdoor concerts, and any other gathering where a fresh cocktail can be added to the mix.

To buy: $70;


Put money toward a variety of causes with Beam by making purchases at Beam’s growing list of partner brands with a linked debit or credit card (protected with bank-level encryption). Post-purchase, the app offers a selection of causes, and the partner brand donates a portion of the purchase money to the cause.