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By Lauren Phillips
December 06, 2019
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Tile Sticker

Attach one of these coin-sized, waterproof trackers to your remotes, household tools, and more to always be able to find them when you need them. The new, smaller size for Tile means you can easily include more petite items in your tracking efforts, and the three-year battery ensures it’ll last.

To buy: From $40 for two;

Havly The Classic

Super fluffy, incredibly absorbent, and able to withstand 1,000 washes, these might be the superheroes of the bath towel world. The attached D-loop only sweetens the deal by insuring your towel will never fall to the floor, whether you hang it on a bar or a hook.

To buy: $44;

42 Birds “The Little Owls”

This portable massage therapy set includes three cork balls for targeted tissue massages, which can ease sore muscles and help with hand and foot pain. A tiny reflexology ball even works for a quick, relaxing facial massage if you always seem to carry tension in your jaw.

To buy: $50;

Scout Original Deano Tote Bag

Use this reusable tote to carry serving utensils, casseroles, extra glasses, and more to the next potluck or holiday party, then leave the bag behind as a hostess gift—it’s sturdy and pretty enough to double as a gift bag, no matter how heavy your gift is.

To buy: $44;

Delta Glass Rinser

Bring the cleaning power of your favorite local bar home with this powerful glass rinser, which releases powerful jets of water into your overturned glasses, bottles, and more to spray them clean in one easy step.

To buy: $99;

Courtesy of Spotify

Spotify Soundtrack your Ride

Make holiday road trips more bearable—and stop any mid-ride playlist-involved arguments—with Spotify’s latest feature, which asks the length of your drive, has you take a short quiz to determine your tastes, and puts together a best possible playlist perfectly timed for your ride. There are no repeats and no fumbling to find a new album or playlist to listen to mid-drive, so you can focus on the road—and singing along.