6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 15 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.


Heat Conducting Scoop


This thermodynamic scoop transfers heat from your hand to the edges of the kitchen tool, so you (and your guests) can enjoy ice cream straight from the freezer.

To buy: $20, uncommongoods.com.

Photo by uncommongoods.com

Makeup Eraser


Instead of scrubbing your face with soap or buying disposable makeup wipes, try this soft, reusable cloth that removes makeup with just water. It can get off even the toughest of eyeliners, and any makeup stains come out easily in the wash.

To buy: $20, makeuperaser.com.

Photo by makeuperaser.com

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses


Skip the step of adding salt to the rim. These tequila glasses—carved from pink Himalayan salt—add a subtle salty flavor to each and every shot. They vary in color from white to rosy pink.

To buy: $28 for four, uncommongoods.com.

Photo by uncommongoods.com


KRADL Air Vertical Stand for MacBook Air


Protect your laptop from coffee spills and crumbs by propping it upright in this sleek stand. Storing your MacBook vertically will also free up desk space—and the stand's rubber silicone pad ensures it will sit securely in place.

To buy: $30, gouppercase.com.

Photo by gouppercase.com

Style Rx 7-Day Designer Pill Box Case


Instead of stashing your pill boxes away, keep them conveniently on your kitchen counter (or desk) in this fashionable printed case. It's small enough to slip easily into a purse, and a magnetic closure ensures the pills won't spill.

To buy: $34, inspiredbydawn.com.

Photo by inspiredbydawn.com



Attach tiny Bluetooth tiles to your phone, keys, and wallet, and then use the handy app to keep track of everything. Lose your phone? Press any of the tiles and your phone will ring—even if it's set to silent. Plus, a GPS feature can tell you where you last had it.

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