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By Lauren Phillips
November 15, 2019
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Guac-Lock Guacamole Preservation Container

This container has an airtight seal that keeps oxygen out, keeping your green guac from browning and letting you enjoy it longer. Also good for hummus, salsa, and tzatziki, this container also has an adjustable base, so you never have to scrape the sides for the last bites.

To buy: $20;

Zippo HeatBank 9s Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Shaped to fit your grip, this hand warmer is powerful enough to warm your palms during a chilly hike but sleek enough to use in your freezing office. It can run for up to nine hours and even doubles as a portable charger.

To buy: $50;

World’s Smallest Vacuum

Palm-sized and powerful, this mini vacuum is the just-right side for sucking up desk messes—including crumbs and dust in your keyboard.

To buy: $15;

Hex Wet Dryer Sheets

These dryer sheets—available scented or non-scented—reduce static cling and soften clothes without ruining the performance fabrics in your favorite workout gear. They have all the benefits of standard dryer sheets and help preserve the stretch and sweat-wickability of your gear.

To buy: $9;

Courtesy of Google

Google Nest Wifi

End buffering forever with the new Nest Wifi, a mesh wifi system that brings steadier, stronger wifi to every corner of your home. Pick up a router and one, two, or three points to spread the signal across the whole house. The router connects to your wifi modem and casts a reliable signal; if something does go wrong, it offers helpful diagnostics so you can solve the problem.

To buy: From $169;


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