6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 16 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.


Silicone Splatter Guards


This cone-shaped protector not only keeps you safe from sizzling oil, but also keeps your stovetop clean from any spillover while sautéing.

To buy: From $22, amazon.com.

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Magnetic Key Rack


This simple swap keeps your keys within your line of sight. Just replace the bottom screw on any light switch plate with the included magnet, and it'll hold any assortment of keys (up to three pounds).

To buy: $10, amazon.com.

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Bluetooth Smart Thermometer


Keep track of your child’s fever through the night with this high-tech thermometer. Just stick the disposable bandage under your little one’s arm, press a button, and you’ll get a temperature update every 10 minutes for 24 hours. It’ll notify you, too, if his or her fever gets too high.

To buy: $20, amazon.com.

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Cutting Board Risers


When slipped over the edges, these clever add-ons stabilize your cutting board while also elevating the bottom off the counter. So instead of dirtying up another board, just flip it over and continue to chop. Like to keep your produce and meat separate? One side has an icon reminding you it’s for meat, the other for veggies.

To buy: $12, amazon.com.

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Smart Car Charger


Stop wandering around trying to remember where you parked. This smart charger not only powers up your phone twice as fast as other devices, but it also sends your car’s location to the complementary app every time the car is turned off.

To buy: $30, amazon.com.

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Want to learn something new, but can’t find the time to do it? Download Py. The free app—designed by Yale undergraduates—lets you access free courses, right on your phone. So instead of brainlessly scrolling through your social media feeds, you can study a range of topics—from physics, to coding, to grammar—whenever you have a moment to spare.

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