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6 Clever Items 10/11/2019 cast iron rice pot tout

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Reusable Mason Jar Drink Lids

1 Reusable Mason Jar Drink Lids

Give any glass jar new life with these reusable, recyclable lids, which can turn used jars into travel mugs for coffee or smoothies.

To buy: $10;

Athleta Ultra High Rise Elation Tight

2 Athleta Ultra High Rise Elation Tight

Sport a crop top without risking a chill from belly-baring with these smart leggings, which have a non-pinching waistband that rises high above the belly button and a pocket at the back that’s actually large enough to hold a phone, card, or keys. (The buttery-soft, supportive fabric is just extra.)

To buy: $89;

Hex Performance Deodorizing Spray & Go

3 Hex Performance Deodorizing Spray & Go

This fragrance-free spray cleans and deodorizes your workout gear without leaving a cloying scent behind or damaging your performance athletic wear. Use it on yoga mats, gym bags, running shoes, and more, or just spritz it over leggings that smell a little ripe before hitting the gym for an easy between-washes refresh.

To buy: $10;

Le Creuset Cast Iron Rice Pot

4 Le Creuset Cast Iron Rice Pot

Cook up a perfect batch of rice every time with this display-ready cast iron pot, which holds up to four cups of cooked rice and has curved sides and built-in steam vents for evenly cooked, mess-free rice and grains.

To buy: $220;

Welly Superhero Supplies Assorted Ointment First Aid Kit

5 Welly Superhero Supplies Assorted Ointment First Aid Kit

Keep this sturdy tin of single-use first aid ointments (hand sanitizer, antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, and burn gel) stocked in the car or medicine cabinet in case of a minor cut or scrape. The single-use sizes ensures you’re not overstocking first aid gear and keeps the kit portable, and the stackable tin keeps everything in one place.

To buy: $9;

Best Products 2019 - Google Photos Memories
Credit: Courtesy of Google

6 Google Photos Memories

You may already use Google Photos to store and organize your photos, but if not, the latest update to the app might be enough to make you a convert. The new Memories feature makes it easy to sort and share photos by specific events or trips, but it also includes an incredibly helpful feature for people who take photos of bits of text, recipes, invites, and other reminders. You can search by the text in your photos, so finding the recipe for your favorite treat or the date of a particular event is possible through a quick Google—keeping track of those endless screenshots has never been easier.