6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 17 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.


Smashbox Cosmetics Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipstick


Each bullet houses three shade gradients so you get an ombré lip in one swipe. The darkest color acts as lip liner, the center is your main hue, and the lightest one makes lips look fuller. Trace your top lip, then flip to apply on the bottom.

To buy: $24; ulta.com.

Photo by ulta.com

Mb Greene Clear Vinyl Bags


Toting your essentials into your favorite NFL stadium before kickoff doesn’t have to be a Hail Mary. These clear vinyl bags are not only Homeland Security-compliant; they’re chic too. Their metallic zippers and faux leather trim are a real style touch down.

To buy: From $28; thegrommet.com.

Photo by thegrommet.com

OXO GreenSaver Crisper Insert


Keep your fruits and veggies fresher longer by placing one of these filters into your crisper drawer. Its carbon filter absorbs ethylene gas, a natural emission that causes produce to prematurely spoil. Each replaceable carbon filter has a built-in date indicator to keep track of when the filter needs to be swapped out, and each filter lasts up to three months. 

To buy: $10 for two; containerstore.com.

Photo by containerstore.com


Joseph Joseph Microwave Single-Serve Popcorn Maker


Each heat-resistant silicone pouch makes a desk-friendly 1-ounce serving of freshly popped kernels without any oil or butter, that lingering microwave popcorn smell, or rogue kernels.

To buy: $15 for two; surlatable.com.

Photo by surlatable.com

Revlon 360° Hair Dryer and Styler


Love your strands silky straight? This innovative blow dryer can switch between a “vertical” mode, which surrounds large sections to dry hair faster, and a traditional “horizontal” mode, for up-close and brush styling. Use both modes to easily create an ultra sleek style—without ever having to plug in a flatiron. 

To buy: $60; target.com.

Photo by target.com



Need help moving your career forward? Landit is a women’s first service that will help you get on track to land that next dream job. Plug in your ideal work environment, your personal board, and the challenges you’d like to face next. The free service will help you create a career playbook as well as offer up job listings that match your qualifications and expectations—even if they’re outside of your industry and job title.

Photo by Landit