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By Lauren Phillips
July 05, 2019
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OXO Good Grips Citrus Peeler

Get every last shred of zest without a single bit of rind mixed in with this smart peeler, which has a rust-free blade and can peel and zest all sorts of citrus with ease.

To buy: $7;

OtterBox Trooper 12 Tote Cooler

Pile this soft-sided cooler high with snacks, drinks, sandwiches, ice, and more—the cooler can hold a surprisingly large amount of outdoors-ready treats and keep it cool for hours. The cooler itself is lightweight and easy to carry, with a convenient shoulder-strap ready to travel the globe (or at least the park).

To buy: $200;

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Paint Sprayer Kit

Put a new spin on summer sidewalk decorating with this washable paint set, which sprays designs on almost any outdoor surface. The paint washes away with a hose or the next rain, and decorating the driveway or sidewalk is a little cleaner (and safer) without the risk of skinned knuckles and knees.

To buy: $23;

SOI Handbag Light

Stop fishing around in the bottom of handbags, backpacks, work bags, and more with this palm-sized light, which uses proximity sensors to light up when a hand nears it. The light automatically switches off after a short time to preserve battery life, and the light is small enough that it’ll barely take up space or add weight to whatever bag it’s placed in.

To buy: $30;

Stanley Classic Trigger-Action Travel Mug

Sip with one-hand—good news for commuters, grocery-shoppers, and anyone else who always seems to have their hands full—easily thanks to Stanley’s trigger action lid, which opens with the push of a button and closes post-sip to prevent spills. The mug is vacuum-insulated for hours of drinkability, and everything comes apart easily for deep-cleaning.

To buy: $23;

Pack Up + Go

Travel differently with the Pack Up + Go planning service, which takes care of all travel arrangements—and sends you on a three-day getaway to an unknown destination. The service uses a detailed quiz to determine where to send travelers and plans a trip’s logistics (hotel and transportation), so you can enjoy the surprise and adventure and focus on relaxing, not planning.