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By Lauren Phillips
June 14, 2019
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Find some all-natural relief for headaches with this handy little gadget, which slides on either hand (preferably, the non-dominant one) between the thumb and forefinger to activate the pressure point there. This at-home acupressure method can help ease headaches quickly, without any need for medication.

To buy: $20;


When disaster (minor or otherwise) strikes, chances are a first-aid kit will be nowhere to be seen, especially if said disaster occurs at the pool, in the park, or wherever else summer may lead. With this travel-ready first-aid kit, though, that will no longer be the case. The kit includes colorful bandages and single-use antibiotic ointments and hand sanitizers, all packaged in a difficult to lose tin.

To buy: $7;


With this compact planner, busy parents can track practice schedules, check-ups, after-school events, parent-teacher conferences, emergency contacts, carpool schedules, and more, all in one place. The planner includes monthly and daily break-downs with plenty of room for recording parental work obligations and child activities, plus pages for tracking budgets, making shopping lists, and more.

To buy: $50;


Made with an organic Pebble front that’s both comfortable and safe for little ones, this machine-washable cotton and eucalyptus playmat can go from indoor playtime to the park—and even be used by adults or pets looking for a soft place to rest. It folds up with handles for easy transport, too.

To buy: $120;


Make juicing lemons—for cocktails, baking, cooking, whatever—a breeze with this compact juicer, which can squeeze out every last drop of juice; filter out the seeds and pulp; and even store the lemon until it’s needed again. The pieces all come apart, too, so a thorough cleaning between uses is possible.

To buy: $8;


Sign up to receive—or gift—regular deliveries of artful, creative arrangements of different flowers and greenery through the Primary Petals subscription options, which let buyers pick weekly, monthly, or annual deliveries of gorgeous blooms. The on-file credit card is charged for each delivery, too, so skipping a delivery doesn’t mean losing value on the subscription.