Real Simple’s mission, through its 19 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.

By Lauren Phillips
May 09, 2019


This pocket-sized, zipper-close case comes in five charming colors and is perfect for holding rings, small bracelets, earrings, and other small effects that can easily get lost in larger bags. Pack it in gym bags to hold jewelry while you sweat or in a carry-on to keep items safe during a long-haul flight.

To buy: $110;


These natural bandages are made from organic bamboo, so covering small scratches, burns, and more feels a little less environmentally toxic. The activated charcoal gauze is purported to draw out impurities and infections—but it also makes for an eye-grabbing bandage.

To buy: $7;


Avoid single-use plastic bags at the grocery store with this antimicrobial, biodegradable set of produce bags, which have flat bases (for sitting up straight on counters). Use them for grains, beans, produce, and more—just be sure to wash when necessary.

To buy: $40 for three bags;


Equipped with an inline pump for filtering water, this water bottle can make river water safe to drink—and it can soothe any concerns regarding suspect water fountains, too.

To buy: $100;


New from everyone’s favorite gourmet gummy source, these coffee-infused gummy bears have a solid dose of caffeine in every bag. The bag is resealable, so daily mini pick-me-ups always taste fresh, and cold brew flavors are also available.

To buy: $14;


Sign up for a free account from Boxed for curated household essentials—think paper towels, pantry staples, cleaning supplies, and more—delivered straight to the front door in bulk. The time-crunched can skip long lines at bulk warehouse stores (and dodge hefty membership fees), while the carless can get items in bulk without a huge hassle.