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By Lauren Phillips
April 11, 2019
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These soft, seamless socks are made from Merino Wool for ultimate breathability and comfort. They’re also quick-wicking, fast-drying, and no-slip—and Darn Tough offers a lifetime guarantee against holes. Buy a pair of these (or several) and never deal with holey socks again.

To buy: $14;


Finally start a journaling habit—and stick to it—with this linen-bound journal, which includes weekly and monthly writing prompts, space for free-writing, habit trackers, and a spot to store a pen or pencil.

To buy: $35;


Mince fresh herbs without crushing them with this clever roller, which glides over de-stemmed greens for instant mincing. The blades retract into the roller with a simple twist, too, so storage is safe and easy.

To buy: $15;


This meteorologist-designed umbrella can stand up against breaking, bending, and folding, repel water, and withstand winds of up to 55 miles per hour; it even connects to an app that can remind you to bring an umbrella.


Appease picky eaters, limit post-meal clean-up, and even practice portion control with these plate dividers, which seal to plates and other surfaces to keep even runny foods from blending. Anyone who struggles to use a fork or spoon can use a Cubby as a wall to prevent off-plate spills, and the walls hold a half-cup, so eyeballing portion sizes is actually doable.

To buy: $15 for two dividers;


Access all the luxuries of a personal shopper with just a text message with Jetblack’s upscale service, which connect you to a shopper who can pick up diapers, do grocery store runs, handle returns, make gift suggestions, and even wrap presents, and then send it all to your front door (in a recyclable bag, no less), with same- or next-day delivery and free shipping. Membership is $50 per month, plus the price of any purchases, and includes complimentary gift wrapping.