6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 16 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.


Snug Spout Universal Silicone Sippy Lids and Cup


Don't stock up on an endless supply of sippy cups—instead, keep a pack of these silicone lids handy. They attach onto most regular-sized cups, and are great for use around the house or dining out with the kids.

To buy: $12 for three, amazon.com.

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Goldie CableKeeps


This fish-shaped gadget, which comes in seven vibrant colors, serves a variety of organizational functions. Not only does it keep your charger from tangling with other cords, but it also keeps the cord close to the wall and acts as a pedestal for your phone as it charges.

To buy: $13, nicebydesign.com.

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Duo Hanger


These modern hangers, which come in white, gray, and black, are stylish and functional. The piece of cedar attached to the aluminum body naturally repels must and insects, keeping your clothing free from moth holes. The subtle cedar scent also keeps your closet smelling fresh.

To buy: $15, supergoodthing.com.

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Oven Rack Guards


Made from the same soft material firefighters use for protection, these guards easily snap onto the front of your oven racks to prevent accidental burns from the scorching metal. It can stay in your oven in between uses, and fits onto all standard-sized racks.

To buy: $17 for two, amazon.com.

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Instant Dry Umbrella


Gone are the days of sopping wet umbrellas, which cause pools of water in the car and in your entryway. This smart umbrella is made with water-repellant fabric, so raindrops slip and bounce right off. Any lingering drops will disappear with one gentle shake.

To buy: $48, momastore.org.

Photo by momastore.org

Shaker & Spoon


Instead of buying full-sized bottles of bitters and syrups, receive them at your doorstop in perfectly-portioned amounts. This monthly cocktail subscription box comes complete with three recipes for 12 unique drinks, and includes all the ingredients you need (except the alcohol itself).

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