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Screen Cleansing Towelettes

1 Screen Cleansing Towelettes

Keep your phone screen clean (even clean of the bacteria you can’t see) on the go with these nontoxic wipes. Simple wipe down your phone (or laptop, or glasses), let sit for 10 seconds to dry, and get on with your day, just with less grime.

To buy: $18 for 45 towelettes;

Vanilla Bean Cocofloss

2 Vanilla Bean Cocofloss

Ditch thin, slick dental floss in favor of this textured option, which is made of polyester filaments to gently scrub plaque away. This limited-edition flavor is scented to smell like vanilla bean, with coconut oil and microcrystalline wax for your best flossing experience yet—you may even start doing it every day.

To buy: $10 for a two-month supply;

Wine Condoms

3 Wine Condoms

They may have started as a gag gift, but these reusable, water-tight, air-tight wine stoppers completely seal an open bottle of wine for later use. Each condom can be reused, they’re one-size-fits-all, and they’re super portable, so you can easily stash one wherever you enjoy your wine.

To buy: $13;

Away Mini

4 Away Mini

This tiny, hard-sided suitcase is perfectly sized to hold toiletries, cords, or other small essentials while you’re on the road. It even has an exterior ring you can use to attach it to a key clip or keychain, so it’s always close at hand.

To buy: $45;

Letterfolk Customizable Floor Mat

5 Letterfolk Customizable Floor Mat

Finally: A floor mat that says exactly what you want it to. Customize this tiled floor mat with hexagon tiles to say (or depict) whatever you want, whether you’re feeling welcoming, festive, or reclusive. The mat comes with 150 black tiles, and tiles in different colors are available for purchase.

To buy: From $75;

Open For Delivery

6 Open For Delivery

Launched by DoorDash to help support local restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic, Open For Delivery is a platform that connects social distancers with delivery services so they can continue to support local eateries while at home. In addition to suggesting delivery services, Open For Delivery offers tips for supporting local business, maintaining food safety and good health practices while ordering delivery, and more.