Real Simple's mission, through its 20 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. Protect your hair and scalp against sun damage—and yourself against an emergency—with these clever items.
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FIXdaBOX Small Set

1 FIXdaBOX Small Set

This reusable tool holds game and puzzle boxes together, so a cracking cardboard game box doesn’t mean the end of a beloved family board game (or lost pieces). Four sizes are available for game boxes of all types.

To buy: $10;

Palette by pak Original High Fiver

2 Palette by pak Original High Fiver

This leak-resistant travel system has five small wells to hold serums, creams, oils, gels, powders, and more on everything from a cross-country getaway to a gym trip. Keep small portions of your go-to beauty liquids handy, and wash and reuse the palette over and over again as a more compact alternative to tiny travel bottles. (With the squeezable wells, you’ll be able to get every drop, too.)

To buy: $39;

Judy emergency Kit - Starter

3 Judy Kit

Gather everything you might need in an emergency without the gathering process with a smart emergency kit from Judy. Each option (there are four) comes with tools, safety supplies, food stores, and more, so you can be fully prepared with a single order.

To buy: From$60;

Sun Bum Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30

4 Sun Bum Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30

Protect hair and sensitive scalp skin from sun damage with this lightweight, quick-drying mist, which won’t leave hair greasy.

To buy: $15;

Bedside Storage Eyeglasses Pouch

5 Bedside Storage Eyeglasses Pouch

Weighted and made of microfleece, this upright pouch is designed to protect your glasses at night while preserving space on your nightstand. The thick base resists knock-overs, even in the middle of the night, and the soft pouch protects lenses while leaving room for everything else on your surface.

To buy: $32;


6 Tilly

The landscaping counterpart to digital home decorating services, Tilly offers professional advice for improving the appearance of the exterior of your home. With consults starting at just $75, the service connects homeowners or renters with experts for advice on creating more beautiful, functional outdoor spaces.