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1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheets

Smaller messes merit smaller cleaning tools, and these clever sheets take the power of the tried-and-true Magic Eraser and pack it into a thin sheet. They’re excellent for slipping into small spaces or tackling a super-messy job that nonetheless only needs a few good wipes—no need to spend a whole eraser on a single cleaning task anymore.

To buy: $3 for eight sheets;

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2 Mindful Phone Keeper

Tuck phones, tablets, and other handheld screens somewhere secure but out-of-the-way with this hanging wool holder, which offers the quiet joy of screen-free gatherings.

To buy: $80;


3 S’well Sports Cap

Go ahead, bring that trusty S’well bottle to the gym. With the Sports Cap’s pop-top, taking a quick sip between yoga moves or mid-run is both single-handedly possible and splash-free. Lids are available for bottles between 9 and 17 ounces and for 25-ounce bottles.

To buy: $10;


4 Tommee Tippee No Knock!

This toddler-proof cup has a gripping base that resists tips, spills, and tumbles but lifts straight up easily, so drinking without a lid is possible (and mess-free) for little ones. The No Knock cup is available in two sizes; this one is appropriate for children 18 months and older.

To buy: From $12;

Credit: Courtesy of Baublerella

5 Baublerella Ms. Fix It Jewelry Repair Clutch

Keep jewelry in tip-top shape with the DIY repair kit in this playful pouch, which comes with jewelry-fixing odds and ends, pliers, and a lined jewelry case that can double as a travel jewelry case.

To buy: $30;


6 The Sill Plant Subscription

Give that growing plant collection a jumpstart with one of The Sill’s three plant subscription options, which ship a new plant to you every month. All plants arrive in an earthenware planter of a pre-selected color, and you can change the planter color as your collection grows for a pretty blend. Subscriptions are $35 per month and include a low light plants option, a plants for beginners option, and a pet-friendly plants option.