6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 16 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.


Grocery Gripps


A trip to the grocery store doesn’t have to feel like an extra workout session. This ergonomic and anti-rub strap helps corral all your grocery bags, so you can easily carry it around your wrist or over your shoulder.

To buy: $20; amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com

Pedicure Socks


Slide on these toe-less socks before a pedicure appointment. They’ll keep your feet warm—and your polish intact—while you walk to your car in flip-flops.

To buy: $9; uncommongoods.com.

Photo by uncommongoods.com

Crazy Susan


Turn the back of your cabinet from a hard-to-reach crevice to functional storage with this genius take on the lazy Susan. It turns just like the classic one, but each quarter slides out and rotates, so you can grab whatever you need with ease.

To buy: $20; containerstore.com.

Photo by containerstore.com


Freezer Freshener


Get rid of funky fridge and freezer orders with Chilly Mama. She discreetly holds the perfect amount of baking soda, killing odors in your appliance for months. Her head disguises a clever calendar that keeps track of when she needs a refill.

To buy: $18; jet.com.

Photo by jet.com

They’re Real! Double the Lip


This genius lipstick streamlines your beauty routine by combining your color and liner in one applicator. Not only does it take the guesswork out of what colors to pair, it’s also an easy way to make your lips look plumper—just remember to flip the tip over when applying on your lower lip.

To buy: $20; sephora.com.

Photo by sephora.com

Hair Tie Society


Always running low on bobby pins or hair ties? Hair Tie Society is a clever subscription service that sends you a fresh set of hair ties or bobby pins to match your hair color every month. The best part? It starts at only $1 a month.

Photo by cratejoy.com