6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 16 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.




A must-have for teaching kids good oral hygiene habits, this automatic floss dispenser will light up and blink if it hasn't been touched for 24 hours. It comes with a snap-on animal faceplate for an extra kid-friendly touch.

To buy: $30; flosstime.com.

Photo by flosstime.com

Tip n Split


This tiny tool is the perfect solution for splitting the bill in a dark restaurant. The top is a lighted magnifier; the bottom is a fully functional calculator.

To buy: $25; amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com

Tea Timer


This dual-sided timer has designated markers for each type of tea, so you’ll always have a cup that's brewed just right.

To buy: $25; uncommongoods.com.

Photo by uncommongoods.com


Sunnylife Collapsible Drink Dispenser


This drink dispenser is a more functional—and fashionable—upgrade to the standard camping jug. Fill it with sports drinks for soccer games or boozy punches for outdoor parties. When you’re done, it collapses for easy storage.

To buy: $20; nordstrom.com.

Photo by nordstrom.com



Any flat surface becomes a super highway for toy cars with this paper-based tape. Kids can tear by hand and stick it where they choose—it peels off easily and won't leave sticky residue behind. Available in different colors and designs.

To buy: $9; amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com

Screen Use


How many hours day do you think you spend on your cell phone each day? Find out for sure with this clever app. Screen Use measures all that scroll time each day, week, and month. Don't worry: It uses just a tiny fraction of that precious battery life. 

Photo by itunes.apple.com