6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 16 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.


Water-Blocking Gloves


These beauties have a double cuff that catches water while you wash dishes to keep sleeves (or arms) from getting soaked. The tapered design and size options (small, medium, large) ensure a snug fit.

To Buy: $6; jet.com.

Photo by Philip Friedman

Tech Wipes


These individually wrapped cloths clean fingerprints and grime off phones, tablets, computers, and eyeglasses. The towelettes are plant-based and free of harsh chemicals like alcohol and ammonia (which can be too abrasive on tech products).

To Buy: $8 for 10; spruceandco.com.

Photo by Philip Friedman

Soup on the Go


Love bringing chicken noodle to work, but worried about leakage? This spill-proof set contains a large bowl for soup, a smaller bowl for crackers, and a tiny tray for toppings. Even better, the whole thing snaps together and includes a strap for toting.

To Buy: $10; amazon.com.

Photo by Philip Friedman


iPhone Flash Drive


Small but mighty, this 1½-inch device holds an impressive 32 GB of data. Plug the lightning connector side into your iPhone when you get that dreaded “storage full” alert to quickly transfer photos or videos for safekeeping. Later on, plug the USB side into a computer to move files over.

To Buy: $56; amazon.com.

Photo by Philip Friedman

Step-On Dust Pan


No more bending down to brush dirt into the dustpan. This handy gadget features a durable foothold that creates a floor seal, making it a cinch to sweep up debris. The nine-inch scoop also has plastic teeth along the back to easily free hair or fibers from your broom.

To Buy: $7; jet.com.

Photo by Philip Friedman



Keep your personal number private with Burner, an app that allows you to create and use different phone numbers for calls and texts. Use your dedicated number for friends alongside a disposable one for online transactions and work. Find you’re getting too many unsolicited calls on a number? Simply delete and create a new one.

Photo by burnerapp.com