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By Lauren Phillips
January 31, 2019
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Make shredding cooked meat—such as pork for a barbecue, turkey for some heart-healthy chili, or chicken for Sunday night meal-prep—a breeze with these ergonomic, dishwasher-safe shredders.

To buy: $13;


Tackle cleaning tasks large and small with these semi-disposable microfiber cloths, which are durable enough to be used several times on smaller messes (with a rinse between each) but easily tossed after they’ve been used on a major clean-up.

To buy: $5 for a pack of 10 cloths;


Finally cook appropriate portions of spaghetti with this ornamental measurer, which is pretty enough to leave on the countertop but also capable of measuring one, two, or five perfect servings of spaghetti.

To buy: $29;


This new sustainable bottle from the water pros at Brita filters water as you drink it, making it easy to have fresh-tasting, refreshing water everywhere. Double-wall insulation promises to keep water cold for as long as 24 hours, and the replaceable filters reduce chlorine taste, odor, and more.

To buy: $35;


Plastic, single-use straws are a no-go, but cold metal reusable straws aren’t always an ideal alternative. Try these colorful, flexible reusable straws for a brighter, softer drinking experience.

To buy: $9;


Download this simplified app for original guided meditations from more than 40 experts that go anywhere you do. Meditation Studio offers courses for sleep, to reduce anxiety, to manage pain, and more, plus a starter series for anyone new to the practice. Veteran meditators can even customize their own unguided meditations. The app is free to download for iPhone users, though a paid subscription ($50 per year or $8 per month) offers access to the full selection of meditations.