6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 16 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.


Lid Organizer


Eliminate clutter in your kitchen cabinets with this organizer. A rigid bottom ensures plastic lids (26 small and 12 large) are always tidy, visible, and within reach.

To Buy: $15; containerstore.com.

Photo by containerstore.com

Nail Polish Remover Wipes


These individually wrapped wipes quickly remove polish—even dark or glitter varieties—from all 10 fingernails in one go. Stash some in your bag for a commute-ready clean up.

To Buy: $10 for a box of 10 wipes; savvytravelers.com.

Photo by savvytravelers.com

Reversible Measuring Cup and Spoon Set


Conserve precious cabinet space with this reversible measuring set. One side acts as a two-cup measurer that’s readable from any angle (no stooping!) Flip over to reveal a half-cup measurer and nesting measuring spoons.

To Buy: $13; uncommongoods.com.

Photo by uncommongoods.com


Wine Glass Markers


Keep tabs on your wine glass during your next party with these vibrant markers. Write directly on the glass surface without fear of ruin—all markings come off in the wash. Use them on jars, dishes, mirrors, windows—any ordinary glass surface, too.

To Buy: $12; amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com

Travel-Size Duct Tape


This flat-packed duct tape is perfectly sized to stash in your toolbox, suitcase, bike bag, or glove compartment—anywhere emergency reinforcement could possibly be needed.

To Buy: $6 for a pack of two; amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com

Don’t Leave It!


Have a habit of forgetting your packed lunch during your morning dash? Don’t Leave It!, a free iOS app, lets you pin the location of your items without any additional hardware. Set a perimeter around the object—the app will count your steps and ping you once you’ve walked away from the item.

Photo by dontleaveitapp.com