Real Simple’s mission, through its 20 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. Pick up a water-generating planter, a protective eye cream, and a chic lunch bag for a fresher 2020.

By Lauren Phillips
January 03, 2020
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Dripsie Anti-Clog Sink Strainer

This strainer keeps food out of your kitchen drain, sure, but its best feature is its flexible plastic material: When it’s time to empty the strainer, you can squeeze everything out of it, keeping your hands cleaner—no scraping necessary.

To buy: $13 for two;

Supergoop Bright-Eyed Mineral Eye Cream

This new, daily-wear eye cream offers SPF, blue light protection, and brightening power for the delicate under-eye area. Apply every day for eyes that look less tired and puffy after just one step.

To buy: $36;

Water-Generating Planter

For office plants (or forgetful plant parents), this planter is a lifesaver. It condenses water from the air, so the plant is well hydrated, even if you forget to add water for a few days (or weeks). The planter has different settings, too, so you can make sure everything from succulents to leafy green plants gets the water it needs.

To buy: $50;

Out of the Woods Mini Shopper Lunch

Made out of an enhanced (and sustainable) paper product, this lined lunch bag will keep your food cool and spill-free. Brown-bagging it has never looked so good.

To buy: From $14;

OtterBox Apple Watch Series 3 EXO Edge Case

Protect your precious smart watch with this sleek, strong case, which offers the same guard against cracks as your trusty OtterBox phone case without obscuring the watch screen.

To buy: $30;

Basecamp Personal

A new version of the project management software, Basecamp Personal offers free chatting, scheduling, and list-making services to help households, volunteer programs, community sports teams, and more run more smoothly.