Spitting in your mask is truly a last resort—here's a better, more effective to keep goggles clear.

By Nora Horvath
Updated May 23, 2018
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Woman wearing swim goggles swimming
Credit: stock_colors/Getty Images

Purchase a travel-size bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo ($3 for 3 oz.; walmart.com) to keep in your swim bag, recommends Melon Dash, founder of Miracle Swimming for Adults in Sarasota, Florida. Before swimming, put a tiny dab of baby shampoo on your finger, cover the inside of both goggle lenses, and then rinse the goggles in the pool water by shaking them below the surface three or four times, says Dash. A very thin layer of shampoo will remain and temporarily prevent the inner surfaces from fogging up. According to Dash, all goggles, even those with an antifog layer, are bound to fog up eventually. If you find yourself in a pinch, swim pros also recommend licking the inside of the goggles to coat the lenses with a bit of saliva. That old swimmer’s trick can help fight fog temporarily.