10 Body-Positivity Podcasts to Download for a Boost of Self-Love

Listen, learn, and love your body.

With nearly two million podcasts and almost 50 million episodes available for streaming, picking what to listen to can be challenging. After all, there's some extremely compelling storytelling going on in the podcast world, with everything from true crime to self-help episodes. Just by opening your podcast app, you have a chance to reflect inward and improve your sense of self-love and self-worth. That's where podcasts for body acceptance and positivity come into play.

Whether you're looking for health and happiness guidance, want to hear from people on a similar path, or are simply craving an upbeat dose of motivation and empowerment, there's at least one body-positive pod out there for you. Get ready to rejoice in the body you were born with. Here are 10 fantastic podcasts to help you start—or continue—your journey toward body acceptance and positivity and find a community of like-minded listeners along the way.

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Eat The Rules

Hosted by Summer Innanen, best-selling author of Body Image Remix, Eat The Rules is a podcast "dedicated to empowering you to break free of societal standards, body shame, and live life beyond the scale." Listen in as Innanen interviews the experts on body image, discusses the anti-diet movement, intersectional feminism, self-esteem, eating disorder recovery, and so much more. Innanen also helps listeners by providing actionable advice they can take away and implement into their daily lives that day.

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Fat Girls Club

Fat Girls Club, hosted by Liesl Binx and Jessica Torres, takes on the "relatable topics" women experience every day, including everything from traveling the world as a plus-sized woman, food-related phobias, dating, and general body positivity. That, and they happen to be two best friends, which makes for some extremely honest and funny discussions.

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Nutrition Matters

Nutrition Matters host Paige Smathers, RDN, CD, interviews experts on health and nutrition topics listeners want to know most and digs into the wider conversations of wellness and body image. It's a podcast meant for learning how to take control of lifestyle patterns and new techniques, like intuitive eating and more, for happier, healthier living.

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Yes & Body Politics

Guru Shabd Khalsa and Tresla Friedrick host Yes & Body Politics, an empowering podcast that covers a wide range of body-positivity topics, including everything from sex and dating to fashion and feminism. With four seasons and more than 50 episodes, there's something for everyone to listen to in this refreshingly candid podcast.

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Call Your Girlfriend

Co-hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, Call Your Girlfriend is a weekly podcast that's like sitting down with your own besties over a glass of wine to chat about anything and everything. Sow and Friedman go through issues including pop culture, politics, body image, career and workplace, women's health, and more. And every week, the duo highlights incredible women in entertainment, media, politics, and beyond to inspire you, too.

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Affirmation Pod

Josie Ong, the host of Affirmation Pod, is changing lives one episode at a time. The podcast focuses on teaching people to silence their "inner critic" and uplift their "voice of self-compassion." From kicking procrastination to starting your week on an optimistic note, listeners will learn how to be kinder to themselves—mind, body, and soul— making this the perfect podcast to add to the rotation on your body-acceptance journey.

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She's All Fat: A Fat Positive Podcast

Sophia Carter-Kahn wants listeners of She's All Fat to pop in their headphones, sit back, relax, and feel inspired to "reexamine the way they think about their bodies." Conversations range from deep dives on celebrities like Melissa McCarthy and Lizzo, to the intersectionality of race, size, and sexual orientation, to realities of "bathroom business" as a woman of any size. The best part? This community goes way beyond the podcast. Check out their website for book clubs, merch, and more.

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Food Heaven Podcast

Looking for more expert advice on health and nutrition? Registered dietitian nutritionists Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones host the podcast Food Heaven to teach listeners how to live "more balanced lives." Every week, they take on a new health topic including food and culture, as well as mental health and body acceptance. Tune in on Wednesdays to learn something useful for your body and mind.

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Living in This Queer Body

"[It is my hope that Living in This Queer Body can provide some of what we all long for… the pleasure and relief of being more fully known," writes podcast host Asher Pandjiris. Pandjiris helps her listeners feel known via in-depth discussions with expert guests on topics ranging from gender identity, body image, race, and much more with a kind and compassionate tone that resonates with everyone who tunes in.

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Break the Diet Cycle

Registered dietitian nutritionists Dalina Soto and Melissa Landry want you to forget words like "Atkins," "keto," "low calorie," and "dieting" altogether. With their podcast, Break the Diet Cycle, these two women talk about easy tactics to "accept your body and heal your relationship with food," featuring episodes on toxic positivity, exercise, unapologetic eating, and more.

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