5 Motivational Podcasts for Living Your Happiest, Healthiest Life

Let these podcasts lift you up.

Maybe you listen to podcasts to stay informed or as a welcome distraction from daily tasks (how about some juicy, true crime stories while cleaning out the garage?). Another reason to turn to podcasts is for inspiration for living a healthier, happier life.

Thanks to the plethora of podcasts out there, you now have feel-good motivation right at your fingertips. “Podcasts are nearly always free and easily accessible from anywhere,” says Sarah Pace, certified health and wellness coach and a program management and engagement at HealthFitness. “Podcasts help the listener gain insight into perspectives they may not have been exposed to before, especially when listening to conversational podcasts that include guests or co-hosts.” Sometimes, a pearl of wisdom or wholesome wellness tip needs to come from a stranger’s voice for it to hit home.

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Narrowing down your options can be overwhelming, so we’ve curated a list of six fabulous podcasts boasting physical, mental, and emotional wellness tips; the latest health research and advice; and all-around uplifting vibes. Download this diverse list of podcasts—ranging in length, frequency, tone, topic, and host personalities—and get ready to be enlightened and encouraged to make healthier choices for you.

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Health Science Podcast: "Science Vs"

The perfect blend of information and entertainment, Science Vs is “a podcast that fact-checks controversial or trending topics in health and science,” Pace says. Each episode of Science Vs has a different host digging deep into the science to shed light on every health fad, opinion, myth, and “fact” you never knew you wanted to learn about: probiotics, coronavirus, nutrition fads, and home workout trends, just to name a few hot topics dissected on this pod. Give it a listen to help you understand fact from fiction when it comes to making healthy choices.

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Mental Health Podcast: "Ten Percent Happier Podcast"

Consider Dan Harris your personal meditation coach. Launched from his best-selling book of the same name, the Ten Percent Happier podcast goes beyond meditation and equips listeners with the emotional and mental skills they need to boost their sense of fulfillment, relaxation, and peace of mind. Nicole Simonin, a health and fitness coach and the founder of Shape It Up, loves this podcast as a great introduction for anyone beginning a regular meditation practice.

“There are episodes that offer guided meditations, as well as episodes that dive deeper into complementary aspects of learning mindset skills,” she says, including topics such as dealing with uncertainty and anxiety, cultivating gratitude and empathy, and improving attention and awareness. After a few listens, you’ll be embracing your zen and on the right path to feeling 10 percent happier.

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Feel-Good Food Podcast: "Home Cooking"

Home Cooking’s two hosts—Samin Nosrat, chef, TV host, and author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat; and radio host and composer Hrishikesh (Hrishi) Hirway—have amazing chemistry and make for double the fun and laughter. This is a 2020 podcast that “focuses on making healthy and creative meals during quarantine,” Pace says, who highly recommends it.

Each episode is packed with practical (and creative) recipes, food prep and storage tips, personal anecdotes, and expert advice for home cooks everywhere. Nostrat and Hirway offer creative ideas for those back-of-the-pantry items, like bay leaves and beans, as well other items you could never figure out how to cook. It’s entertaining, fun, and relatable, and all the inspiration you need to whip up something simple, healthy, and delicious at home.

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Personal Growth Podcast: "The Rachel Hollis Podcast"

Rachel Hollis is an author, motivational speaker, blogger, four, and entrepreneur, who pours her singular energy and enthusiasm for lifelong learning into her eponymous podcast. On her show, Hollis interviews guests on personal growth topics like improving your self-worth, resilience, and health, and often features chats with celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Rob Lowe, about their life journeys.

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Secrets to Success Podcast: "Spartan Up"

Founded and helmed by Joe Desena, Spartan Race is more than just a series of challenging races around the globe, it’s a way of life—and an inspirational podcast. The Spartan philosophy prioritizes working hard to reach self-improvement in all realms: physical, psychological, and emotional.

In every episode, Desena interviews experts across industries—from athletes to academics to entrepreneurs—about their secrets to success and stories of resilience. Simonin loves the Spartan Up podcast, in which “Desena offers listeners a never-give-up Spartan mindset they can adopt.” Get psyched and get out of your comfort zone with Spartan Up.

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