The Best Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planners to Make 2021 Your Most Organized Year Yet

Pick up one of these coordinated, efficient planners to keep your life on track all year long.

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Whether it's called a planner, an agenda, or an organizer, a daily calendar can make keeping track of birthdays, events, meetings, tasks, chores, and more a breeze—especially for anyone juggling kids' schedules, too. For those committed to writing everything down on paper, picking the wrong planner can throw everything completely out of whack, especially if it doesn't have the layout and features necessary.

Picking the right planner from the huge assortment out there is no small feat, though. These planners each have their own pros and cons, plus pretty covers—a must for anyone who plans to bring her planner with her everywhere she goes.

Part of picking the right planner is finding the time frame—say, based on a calendar year for professionals or based on the school year for students, teachers, or parents—that serves any scheduling or listing needs best. Some planners are undated, which is helpful for freelance or contract workers who may not work every week or month of the year; still more allow you to pick your preferred date range to ensure you're not wasting any pages.

Layout is also important. Sketchers, doodlers, or bullet journal fans should look for a planner with plenty of white space or grids, while list-makers should seek out an agenda with plenty of lines and checkboxes. Always be sure to look inside any planner before purchasing it to make sure the layout—plus any extras, such as stickers, bookmarks, or folders—are helpful and practical, rather than distracting. (Fortunately, most online stores will include pictures of a planner's inside pages so you can pick the best planner for you.)

Gone are the days where you have to settle for a basic notebook or overly structured planner: More and more custom planners are available (and at affordable prices, too), and even off-the-shelf planners increasingly offer extra features, layouts, and tools to make planning everything you need a breeze. Breathe deep and know that the best planner for your life is out there (and probably even in this list). 2021, here we come.

LSGgraphics Start Fresh 2021 Planner

Best planners 2021 - LSGgraphics Start Fresh 2021 Planner

Great for anyone seeking a comprehensive fresh start in the new year, this life planner is as much about getting your life and habits on track as keeping track of to-do lists. It has monthly and weekly logs, habit trackers, monthly recaps, and guided goal-planning and reflection pages, all for a more well-managed year.

The Everygirl Planner in Faux Leather

Best planners 2021 - The Everygirl Planner in Faux Leather

A collaboration between career-oriented site The Everygirl and the planner pros at Day Designer, this faux leather bound planner looks a little more elevated than your standard wire-bound book. It has monthly and weekly layouts for tracking to-dos and obligations, plus pages for looking back over the accomplishments of each month and goal-planning.

Productivity Planner

Best weekly, daily, monthly planners - Productivity Planner daily and weekly planner

This daily and weekly planner breaks tasks down in a productivity-focused template, with spaces to help track progress using the Pomodoro Technique. The Productivity Planner is perfect for task-oriented people who tackle major projects on a regular basis, or for those who struggle to stay focused (or fall prey to procrastination). The motivational quotes that appear throughout are a nice touch, too.

This planner doesn't have dates or full monthly calendars, so its usefulness for schedule management is limited. The lack of dates could be helpful to those who don't work standard weeks or who work as freelancers with on-and-off phases of work, though.

Erin Condren Slate Blue Vegan Leather LifePlanner

Best weekly, daily, monthly planners - Erin Condren customizable planner

Erin Condren's customizable planners are versatile picks, especially for those who have a very particular organizing system. This cover option (which can be personalized) is made of a vegan leather, and the interior can be customized from three weekly layout options (horizontal, vertical, and hourly), three color schemes, and four coil colors. Dates can adjusted, as well, to include a full year or 14 months.

Moleskine 12-Month 2021 Weekly Planner

Best weekly, daily, monthly planners - Moleskine weekly planner

Moleskine's notebooks are iconic, and this pretty weekly planner in the same simple design couples a chic navy cover with a weekly layout, plus plenty of space on the opposite page for notes, to-do lists, and more. Each weekly page has room for recording events or lists for each day, and the color-coordinated bookmark ribbon makes finding the right week easy. The planner is available in pocket-size, large, and extra-large options.

Panda Planner

Best weekly, daily, monthly planners - Panda Planner

With thousands of five-star reviews by Amazon shoppers, the Panda Planner is top-rated for good reason. This agenda is undated but includes daily, weekly, and monthly sections that promote work/life balance and guide you to create daily and long-term goals, evaluate affirmations, make to-do lists, and reflect at the end of each day. It's one of the simpler looking soft-sided planners but it gets the job done. And if you're looking for a smaller option, the Panda Planner measures five by 8.25 inches, so it's small enough to carry wherever you go.

Silk + Sonder Monthly Subscription

Best weekly, daily, monthly planners - Silk + Sonder Monthly Subscription

This self-care monthly planner service combines the efficiency of a planner with the self-care aspects of a good journal. There are weekly layouts for your to-do lists, plus space for recording how you want to feel in a given week, your self-care plan, and other notes, doodles, or ideas. Silk + Sonder delivers a fresh planner every month, each with a supportive theme and habit trackers, coloring pages, and more features to help balance productivity with wellness.

Papier Boho Rainbow Daily Planner

Best weekly, daily, monthly planners - Papier Boho Rainbow Daily Planner

Undated and with a focus on weekly and daily planning, this streamlined planner holds 16 weeks' worth of pages. Each weekly spread allows you to pick the dates (best for those who work on a project basis where set dates mean wasted pages) and has room for scheduling, to-do lists, habit-tracking, prioritization, meal planning, and more. There are also pages for each day, so you can plan out your days to the hour and really focus on what needs to get done in a given day. A goal planning section allows you to dream big, too, with prompts and space to help you describe and achieve your dreams.

Rifle Paper Co. 2021 17-Month Large Planner

Best weekly, daily, monthly planners - Rifle Paper Co. 2021 17-Month Large Planner

This large-scale planner has all the space you need to remember monthly, weekly, and daily commitments. The combined weekly and daily view has checkboxes for those to-do list addicts, and Rifle Paper Co.'s signature vibrant colors and print make the cover something joyful to look at every time you open it. This 17-month planner begins in August 2020 and goes until December 2021.

Day Designer 2021 Daily Planner

Best weekly, daily, monthly planners - Day Designer 2021 Daily Planner

This 12-month planner allows you to break down every day in minute detail, scheduling out each hour—and making lengthy to-do lists, too. There are spaces to track how much you spent, what you're grateful for, and what you need to prioritize, too, so you can keep every record or note you need in one space. A monthly view helps with scheduling, and goal-setting worksheets offer a little guidance if you're floundering a bit. If planning (and over-planning) helps you fight off feelings of being overwhelmed, this detailed option may be the best planner for you.

Silk + Sonder Sonder Kids Monthly Subscription

Best weekly, daily, monthly planners - Silk + Sonder Sonder Kids Monthly Subscription

This new kids' planner option is a curated monthly wellness journal for kids aged six through 12. Each month has a fresh theme, and the planners have space for recording their feelings, thoughts, habits, and more. Extra features include interactive activities (such as a crossword or word search), recipes, and writing prompts.

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