More maximalist cheese and chocolate spreads for 2021, please.

By Maggie Seaver
December 10, 2020

After the year we’ve had, looking forward to a fresh start—and fresh trends—brings joy like no other. Especially when those trends come straight from the Pinterest Predicts 2021 trend forecast, which is, as always, brimming with genius home decor inspiration, mouthwatering food ideas, self-care savvy, creative travel plans, exciting wedding trends, beauty news, and so much more. The drop of Pinterest’s annual list of predictions will get you psyched for an upcoming year that’s all about prioritizing comfort, eating well, taking care of yourself, getting creative with your personal spaces, and finding joy in the little things that matter to you. 

And these trends aren’t chosen willy-nilly—they’re based on heaps of Pinterest data pulled from its 400 million users. In fact, eight out of 10 predictions for 2020 ended up being accurate, so there’s nothing but truth behind the numbers (and the inspo!). Here are some of our favorite trends to look forward to in the coming year, based on the comprehensive Pinterest Predicts forecast.

Full-Volume Charcuterie Boards

Step aside, avocado toast—the latest and greatest Pinterest food trend is the maximalist charcuterie board. People are amping up the classic meat-and-cheese display with creative new flavors, colors, and pairings. The result? Not just a mouthwatering spread, but a photogenic one, too. We’re talking breakfast boards, candy boards, fruit boards, and Mexican food–inspired taco boards. It’s hard not to look forward to 2021 now.

Restaurant-Worthy Home Cooking

When you can’t dine out, you have to be your own top chef. Everyone’s had to get more comfortable making their own food, and they’re having a blast getting fancy with it. Based on findings, Pinterest says, “Chef-inspired meals, food-plating techniques and garnishes are all trending up.” This includes impressive interest in Michelin-approved touches like garnishes, gourmet plating, and even bread art. 

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Neon, Neon 

Add some color to your favorite room! Bright and splashy neon accents, hues, and lighting are big for 2021, especially among the Gen Z crowd. Searches for creative lighting ideas, mirrors with LED lights, neon room inspiration, and LED light signs keep growing, proving that cheerful, saturated color schemes are here to stay.

Japandi Takes Over 

An impossibly elegant cross between Japanese design and Scandavian functionality, Japandi, up 100 percent in Pinterest searches, is every minimalist’s dream aesthetic for the home. Pinterest forecasts “sleek lines, neutral color schemes, and calming setups will be on the radars of Pinners everywhere,” with particular interest in elements like wood bed frames and headboards, modern minimalist bathrooms and kitchens, neutrals and earth tones.

“Cloffice” Space

Working and living and eating and sleeping and parenting—and everything—from home has people re-appreciating the value of a good door. But even those who don’t have a door to separate work and play areas are finding creative ways to carve out personal space and multifunctional nooks. Case in point: the genius closet-turned-office trend, or “cloffice,” proving necessity really is the mother of invention.

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On the Road

Travel trends for the coming year reflect the times, naturally. With current limitations on air travel and international jaunts, Pinterest data say “nomadding is the new jetsetting” for 2021. Traveling by road is the new normal, with searches for “nomad aesthetic,” “motorcycle tent,” and “RV accessories” on the rise. Cars are expected to become the “third space,” Pinterest says, as searches for “car date nights,” “car man caves,” and “car survival kits” tick up. Travelers are seeking picturesque scenes and entertainment in the great outdoors—open-air destinations they can enjoy without the flight or the crowds. They want wildflower fields, drive-in movies, and the perfect spot for couple stargazing. 

Saving Up and Dreaming Big 

With long-haul travel on hold, there’s no need to stop *fantasizing* about your dream getaway. Dubbed the hypothetical sabbatical, Pinterest finds ever-growing interest in luxury travel, dream vacations, mountain travel, resorts, and romantic honeymoon ideas—whether or not people are able to actually book a trip. 

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Serious Sleepcare Routines

Sleep is priority number one, Pinterest insights report, and Pinners know that getting a good night’s rest starts well before actually falling asleep. To end the day—and start the night—right, intentional bedtime rituals and soothing sleep products are higher priorities than ever. Surging searches for “night affirmations for sleep,” “sleep yoga,” and “before sleep workout” prove winding down physically will continue to be top of mind. And sleep-seekers are also willing to invest in luxe buys like sleep diffuser blends and silk sleepwear to ensure they rest easy.

It's All About the Bath

Anyone else miss a good spa sesh? People are finding ways to fill the void at home by creating all-out home bath experiences and pulling inspiration from ancient bathing rituals (might as well soothe your soul and psyche while you soak). Some of the top searches are for a “spiritual cleansing bath,” “full moon bath ritual,” and “bath tea recipe” to help set the mood. Bath design and decor trends are up, too, as people look up ideas for “deep soaking tubs” and free-standing baths for the bedroom.

"Athflow" Chic

Wave hello to “athflow”, the elevated style cousin of athleisure, born from our collective desire for comfort without sacrificing style. In short? “Flowy pants, casual jumpsuits, and oversized outfits will replace athletic clothes as the new go-to loungewear,” describes Pinterest. “Athflow is professional enough for the ‘office,’ stretchy enough for the yoga mat, and comfy enough for the couch.” Searches for “soft outfits,” “cotton jumpsuits,” “quilted clothes,” “cocoon sweaters,” “fluffy slippers,” oversized pieces, and “home dresses for women” are noticeably high. All things cute, cozy, chic, and comfy for 2021. 

Make It Truly Yours

Whether trying to keep busy in quarantine or looking for easy ways to cheer up their wardrobe at home, Pinterest users (lead by on-the-pulse Gen Zers, yet again) are DIYing and personalizing everything. From painting their jeans to embroidering their sweatshirts, it’s trendier than ever to customize. In fact, “customized hoodies” is up 130 percent.


2021 is the time to embrace a slow, natural, and intentional skin care regimen—aka “skinimalism”—that’s just right for your skin. Going makeup-free is the ideal—and it all starts with taking care of your natural complexion. “Homemade skin care” searches are booming; queries for how to get naturally glowing skin are up; “yoga exercises for face” is climbing; and “natural everyday makeup” is still a beauty priority.

Beyond Braids

Forget high heat and high-maintenance hair. Pinterest users crave protective, low-lift braiding techniques with added touches of glamour and personality. The platform has seen a huge increase in searches for braided hairstyle ideas, including “braids with fade,” “knotless box braids,” “bubble braids,” and “yarn braids.”

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Scaled-Back Weddings 

Parties and gatherings aren’t what they used to be (for now), and Pinterest users have this in mind when looking ahead to 2021. Couples are downsizing their weddings, opting to keep the venue and the guest list small Think: intimate celebrations in the backyard, phones-free parties, one-tier cakes, courthouse ceremonies, and  scenic elopements. 

Unexpected Pastimes

Here’s something to celebrate: People are embracing the philosophy of progress over perfection. They’re picking up quirky new hobbies to keep life fun and interesting. Searches for creative interests like “knife painting” (yes, that’s a thing!), skateboarding, candle making, and other hobbies for beginners have jumped in volume. People are also finding solace in tactile crafts and hobbies like crocheting, glass etching, bottle painting, embroidery, and more.