I'm tired of apologizing for preferring cats to dogs

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No Apologies: For Being a Cat Person
Credit: Anne Bentley

Cat people like me have always had to self-identify a little quietly; it’s more socially acceptable to adore pups and their goofy, slobbery affection. But today, dog-ma is out of control. Witness the massively popular Netflix documentary series about good dogs, the wild backlash when a study demonstrated that dogs (duh) aren’t that smart.

I have no problem with my friends’ dogs (except when they’re the reason a friend can’t meet right after work or has to leave a party early—though that’s not the dog’s fault). But, c’mon, we’re even indoctrinating our youth in dog worship: I had to go to several baby stores to find a single dang item with a cat on it to give to a cat owner friend’s new baby. Faces of Frenchies plastered every onesie I saw.

Cats are awesome. They’re clean and soft and funny, and when they choose to curl up next to you, it’s pure joy—because their affection isn’t knee-jerk. Oh, sit down (sit!)—it’s fine for us to prefer different fur children. And I, for one, am tired of apologizing for preferring cats to dogs. How cat person of me.

Andrea Bartz is the author of the novel The Lost Night ($16; amazon.com).