By Kristin van Ogtrop
Updated January 22, 2015
Cat laying on windowsill
What it is:The cool breeze is pleasant, but that open window (or terrace or fire escape) can pose a real threat to pets, and cats in particular. When enjoying the balmy weather, they can fall off unscreened window sills and be seriously injured. Whom it affects: Cats primarily.Possible effects: Falls can result in a broken jaw and teeth, broken limbs, punctured and bruised lungs, a ruptured bladder, and even death.Treatment: Immediate medical attention is crucial. There is a 90 percent survival rate for cats who receive prompt and proper care, which may include surgery to fix internal injuries and broken bones.Prevention: Install snug and sturdy screens on all windows, and note that window guards don’t always provide adequate protection. Cats can easily slip through the cracks. Play it safe and keep your cat off any high outdoor space, especially without supervision.
| Credit: Cindy Prins/Getty Images

Cats love my husband. I really have no idea why. But if he finds himself in a cat household, sitting in one place for any length of time, invariably a cat will leap into his lap.

Last week we had dinner with friends who have two cats; let’s call them Ray and Petey. After dinner we repaired to the living room, as they say, my husband and I side by side on the sofa. Five minutes passed, and Ray jumped up and settled in behind my head on the top of the sofa cushion. No one paid any attention, because apparently Ray does this all the time and is quite indiscriminate in his affection. But fifteen minutes later, Petey appeared out of nowhere and jumped up into my husband’s lap.

“Petey!” our host exclaimed. “Wow! He never does that! WOWWOWWOW! He really likes you!!!!!” My husband shrugged, and I immediately thought of Lucy. Lucy was once the Petey in my parents’ household—i.e. the reclusive pet who annoyed you (or me, at least) with her standoffishness. Still, every time we visited my parents, Lucy would jump up into my husband’s lap, much to the astonishment of everyone who fed her and took her to the vet and basically kept her alive, despite the fact that she seemed completely disengaged and ungrateful.

You may be wondering: does my husband love cats? No, not in the least. Well, not as a category of animal. He loved exactly one cat, George, who was our first pet after we got married and lived for nearly twenty years, gently guiding us through three houses, nine jobs, one dog, and two children. George was an exemplary cat who is now buried in our perennial garden. We have absolutely no plans to replace him.

So what is it? Does my husband give off some sort of undefined, cat-friendly energy? Is this George, visiting from The Great Beyond? Or was my husband, uh, a cat in a former life?