Achieving Life Balance

It’s a tricky walk on the high wire, trying to find just the right balance in your life: of work and personal, of family and friends, of diet and exercise, in beauty routines, and even of social media usage. Here’s how to find your balance.

Find Your Tipping Point

How to Improve Your Balance

Balance doesn’t just look impressive; it’s crucial to physical fitness. Here’s why you should work on yours with small daily challenges.

Break Free From Your Social Media Addiction

Ever go on Facebook for a quick peek, then find yourself 200 photos deep in a perfect stranger’s vacation album? Here’s how to reclaim precious time (and your right mind).

5 Conditions That Can Cause Balance Problems

Because balance relies on so many systems in the body, a wide variety of ailments can make you wobble. Here are some of the most common culprits.

5 E-mail Management Tips

More than 100 billion e-mails are sent and received each day in the United States. When it feels as if all of them have landed in your in-box, tame the chaos with this painless plan.

5 Guidelines for a Healthy Diet

Fish is good for you, but watch out for mercury. Limit your salt, but don’t cut it out entirely. Today’s nutritional debates leave consumers starved for the bottom line. Here it is for five key ingredients.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

The unflappable mom, the level-headed friend, the colleague who sails through tough projects, no sweat. How do they keep calm while you carry on like a maniac? Get the scientific secrets to staying cool.

Balance or Bust

One indefatigable woman takes on a marathon research project (2,330 pages of self-help!), determined to master life’s juggling act—even if it kills her.


Finding Balance in a Wired World

Does technology really make life easier? Here’s the tweet-able truth.

15 Ways to Digitally Detox

Overwhelmed by the unrelenting reach of your digital devices? Megan Mullally, actress/writer/singer/life guru, advises how to step away from it all.