Here's what you need to know about this Swedish trend.

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Entrance hall in Swedish home
Credit: Lina stling/Folio/Getty Images

Step aside “Hygge.” It’s now the year of “Lagom,” or the Swedish art of balanced living. In case the term “Hygge” hasn’t flooded your social channels as of late, it’s a Danish trend of being cozy and warm that the world can’t stop talking about. And now, you’re about to be obsessed with creating a life that’s happily balanced.

According to author Linnea Dunne’s new book, which is appropriately titled, Lagom, the trend is “wearing bright lipstick, but leaving the rest of your makeup perfectly understated.” It’s “having a burger but opting out of the fries.” You could say the concept is similar to that of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: finding a bed that’s not too hard yet not too soft—or a cup of porridge that’s perfectly warm without burning your tongue.

This new phenomenon dates back to 1996 when Swedish author Jonas Gardell dubbed Sweden “the country of semi-skimmed milk.” It’s a phrase the Swedes latched on to because semi-skimmed milk is perfectly balanced: not too skinny and not too fattening.

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In Lagom, Dunne explores how this law can be practiced throughout your entire life. From becoming a functionalist with your clothes to a recipe for a really tasty cinnamon roll, your life is about to get a lot less stressful, healthier, and balanced overall.

Here’s to living your life the Lagom way: “not too little, not too much, just right.”

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