Want to work from home? Here, the five types of jobs you should look into.

By Liz Steelman
Updated January 12, 2018
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Is your motto for 2018 “New year, new job?” Is your realistic resolution also to stay in your pajamas more? Well, guess what—you can get a job that fits both requirements. Seriously. According to FlexJobs, a job search site that specializes in remote and freelance positions, remote work has grown 115 percent over the last 10 years, and 2018 has already brought more than 100,000 job listings to the site. But in order to reap the benefits of work from home jobs, you have to find one that’s up your alley. Thankfully, the site combed through their data and came up with the five job categories that seem most promising for job seekers in 2018.

Each of the five job categories experienced more than 20 percent growth in listings between 2016 and 2017. Here, the job categories with the best outlook for openings in 2018. Scored a great job? Here, how to work from home (and still get things done).

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Technology has brought therapy sessions from taking place in a quiet room in an office building, to the comfort of, well, just about anywhere. And with that, more companies are being created in the medical and health fields, as well as philanthropy, education, and pharmaceuticals, and need remote speech pathologists, marriage therapists, and counselors. There are 112 listings right now on the site.

Virtual Administration

Many companies need around the clock support for global operations and short-term growth projects. The best part? These customer service, accounting, scheduling, and support tasks don’t need to be done in office, meaning many of them are able to be done at home. FlexJobs currently has 105 listings available on its site.

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Client Services

Another type of job that’s been transferred from office to couch? Those in client services. A combination of sales management and customer service, these jobs are there to take care of customer’s problems and represent the company when the need arises. Look for job listings as account representatives, client managers, or customer care agents. 1,048 listings are currently on the site.


Remember when you had to shuffle your way to the library after school or early in the morning on weekends for ACT prep? Well, times have changed, and those studying for an exam don’t even need to leave the comfort of their bed. Tutoring positions like prep instructors, ESL teacher, or academic support coaches help a wide variety of ages and many different subject areas. FlexJobs currently has 1,226 listings available on its site.

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State and Local Governments

According to FlexJobs, there are more than 80,000 local governments across the U.S.—meaning that there are many local jobs in order to keep them running. Whether you’re looking to serve your community through admin tasks or on-the-ground work, many government jobs can be based out of your home, like office directors, licensing inspectors, or environmental health specialists. Right now, FlexJobs has 78 jobs posted.