They’re currently hiring.

By Nora Horvath
Updated July 18, 2017
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Paid vacation incentives, paid-for gym memberships, and the ability to work from home are only some of the ways that companies are trying to lure top applicants to apply for open positions., a website that helps pair companies with employees looking for remote work, released a list of three work-from-home positions that are offering other enticing benefits, on top of the obvious advantages of working from the comfort of your own home.

All three jobs are hiring now, so get your resume ready and check them out below:

1. Customer Experience Manager at Student Loan Hero
Student Loan Hero, a company that helps people inform young borrowers about their finances, offers some generous work and wellness benefits for its remote workers. The employer is offering a $2,000 technology stipend to help you get set up with a laptop for your home office. Additionally, if you find working from inside your home distracting, they’ll pay up to $500 per month towards an office space of your choosing. Outside of work, Student Loan Hero will give you up to $150 per month for health-related expenses, including gym memberships, nutrition counseling, massages, and more.

2. Online Visiting Professor at DeVry Education Group
Not only do professors at DeVry Education Group work remotely, but the online courses offered are “completely asynchronous,” meaning the teachers and students don’t meet at one time together. For prospective employees, this means that your schedule is 100 percent up to you.

3. UX Designer at Wikimedia Foundation
In addition to working from home, the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation offers great perks for employees hoping to become new parents. During pregnancy, mothers are offered five weeks of paid leave for them to use as needed. After the baby arrives, Wikimedia offers fully paid seven-week “new parent leave” that is available for both moms and dads. When it’s time to get back to work, the nonprofit offers “flexible options” to help employees balance work and childcare.