Check out these unique opportunities.

By Sarah Yang
Updated May 09, 2017

When you think of work-from-home jobs, you probably think of customer support or writing positions. But there are some remote opportunities that may surprise you—and might make you reconsider your current work situation, especially if you never pursued a work-from-home job because you thought there wasn’t one out there that fit your particular interests or experience.

FlexJobs, a career site for telecommuting jobs, has compiled a list of the 15 most surprising work-from-home jobs that are currently hiring. You won’t find any IT support jobs or administrative positions on this list—there are opportunities for teachers or academics, interior designers, and even basketball fanatics or game designers.

Take a look at these opportunities below (and maybe polish up your resume?):

  1. SAT Instructor: You’ll tutor students for various exams, including ACT, LSAT, GRE, MCAT, and GMAT.
  2. Therapist/Mental Health Counselor: If you’re licensed, you can provide therapy via an online platform, texts, audio, and video messaging.
  3. E-Interior Designer: You’ll work for an online interior design service to decorate rooms and source furnishing and décor for customers.
  4. NBA Contributor: You’ll develop content, conduct research, and monitor industry scores and stats about the San Antonio Spurs.
  5. Child Nutrition Program Assistant: You’ll conduct compliance and evaluations for institutions that take part in a specific nutrition program for infants, children, and women in their child-bearing years.
  6. Hydroelectric Power Plant Senior Consultant: You’ll evaluate and review the design, construction, and operational analysis of hydroelectric power generation facilities.
  7. Climate Campaigner: You’ll help develop campaign strategies, act as a spokesperson, and manage partner relationships—all for a cause to stop oil expansion.
  8. School Psychologist: You’ll help students in need that may not be able to receive speech therapy services.
  9. Bilingual Recruiter: If you’re fluent in French and English, you can help conduct applicant searches.
  10. Senior Medical Director: If you have a MD or DO degree, you will manage teams, implement strategy, and ensure policy compliance.
  11. Childcare Coordinator: This part-time job involves monitoring au pair exchanges and maintaining regular contact with au pairs, families, and a regional counselor.
  12. Editor, Photography: You’ll create, evaluate, and edit product review guides for cameras, camera accessories, scanners, and other imaging products.
  13. Lead Avatar Artist: You’ll design and develop avatars for social virtual reality platforms.
  14. Personal Nurse Navigator: With an RN license and four years of experience, you can help people navigate healthcare and organize community care and services.
  15. Game Designer: If you live in the UK or Europe, you’ll create and design new concept for flash and mobile social games.