For employees looking to move, keep an eye on these industries.

By Samantha Zabell
Updated January 20, 2016
Hero Images/Getty

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to change your career path, you may be interested in Glassdoor’s latest survey. The job and recruiting site ranks industries, positions, and companies based on company reviews, salary reports, CEO ratings, and more, making their database a great resource for anyone on the job hunt. Recently, they released the best jobs in America, based on their overall “Glassdoor Job Score.” This score combines job availability, salary, and career opportunity ratings, and is then assigned a number out of five. The top position? Data scientist. See the highest-ranked jobs below, and visit Glassdoor’s site for the full list.

1. Data Scientist: 4.7
2. Tax Manager: 4.7
3. Solutions Architect: 4.6
4. Engagement Manager: 4.6
5. Mobile Developer: 4.6
6. HR Manager: 4.6
7. Physician Assistant: 4.6
8. Product Manager: 4.5
9. Software Engineer: 4.5
10. Audit Manager: 4.5