How to score a job using these smart social media strategies.
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Miriam Salpeter, the author of Social Networking for Career Success and the owner of Keppie Careers, a consulting and social-media strategy firm in Atlanta, shared her best strategies.

What Can Someone Do to Become More Visible to Potential Employers?

Read job descriptions and identify the words that appear repeatedly. Then work these keywords into your profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. On LinkedIn, nicely ask colleagues with whom you have a good rapport for one-click endorsements of your skills and written recommendations. When third parties validate your skills, your profile ranks higher in LinkedIn’s search results.

How Can You Entice Potential Employers to Click on Your Linkedin Profile?

Most people won’t click to learn more about you unless you have a photo, so upload a friendly, professional-looking head shot (not a selfie or a candid). You also need to expand your network. Connect with people in your industry, as well as with select acquaintances and others you meet when networking in person. People may be more likely to read your profile if you have contacts in common.

What’s the Best Way to Break the Ice With Strangers?

Follow them on Twitter, which is one of the only social networks where it’s encouraged to engage with people you don’t already know. When they tweet something work-related that interests you, retweet it or comment on it. Once you regularly interact with these “strangers,” they may start to notice you. Then you can ask to join their LinkedIn networks.

Any Other Ways to Use Social Media to Stand Out?

Yes, by frequently updating your status on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Post smart, interesting, useful information about your field and people may start to perceive you as someone who’s in the know. Employers are drawn to people who demonstrate passion and who have a sense of what’s new in their industry.

Anything You Shouldn’t Do?

Don’t have public arguments online. As tempted as you are to throw a nasty jab at someone who posted something that bothers you, it’s better to keep your cool. Companies are looking for people with emotional intelligence, not a short fuse. One way to signal maturity and sophistication is by maintaining decorum on the Web.