Beware: Lots of jargon ahead.

By Samantha Zabell
Updated February 12, 2016
Rebecca Hart

What office jargon makes you cringe? Do you roll your eyes when someone says they are "checking in" (a.k.a.: bugging you) about a project? Do you sigh every time somebody wants to "circle back" (a.k.a.: hover)? And there's nothing worse than an inbox full of people wanting to "touch base" on a Monday morning.

Learning how to subtly get your message across is pretty much part of office training. You know what key phrases ("looping in," "ping me," "jump on a call") have double meanings. We've come up with an annotated version of the most passive-aggressive email you could ever receive. Feel free to print this out and hang it at your desk as a reminder to your coworkers that you know exactly what they're trying to say.

Rebecca Hart