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By Nora Horvath
Updated October 27, 2017

We all need a little more financial flexibility around the holidays. Between buying gifts, traveling to visit friends and family, and just being in the treat yourself kind of mood, it’s definitely one of the most expensive parts of the year.

If you find yourself looking for a part-time job to offset your costs this winter, look no further than the comfort of your couch. While most stores will hire seasonal employees to keep crowds under control during peak shopping dates, there are also many companies hiring remote workers to fill seasonal positions that are done entirely online or via phone, which means you can work your job around your busy holiday plans. That flexibility can be a lifesaver for busy parents who need to coordinate working around school pick-up times and sneaky trips to the mall to help Santa with his shopping.

Whether you’re looking to offset the cost of holiday shopping or you’re just looking for a little extra padding in your wallet, apply for one of these 10 part-time remote positions currently hiring from FlexJobs.

If you already work from home and constantly find yourself distracted by kids and chores, check out our guide to effectively working remotely.