Looking for a new job? You'll want to consult this list. 

By Kristen Bahler
Updated January 10, 2017
Searching for a Job Became Easier
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This article originally appeared on Money.

You probably already know that 2017 will be a particularly good year to hunt for a new job. For workers seeking greener pastures, there’s no time like the present to freshen up your resume and reengage your networking efforts.

If you’re a new parent returning to the workforce, however, the path to your next gig may have a few extra bends. The role you left behind may have changed since you’ve been out, and it will take some extra planning to convince employers you’re the best person for it.

Don’t fret, though: The growing popularity of career sabbaticals means employers are more open to seeing a lengthy one on a resume. Some even see time off as an advantage, and actively recruit new parents who are transitioning back from a break.

The programs the following firms offer—all specifically focused on career reentry—could be your key to balancing baby with a 9-to-5 grind: