You’ll want a career change after looking at these relaxing outdoor workspaces.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated October 16, 2017

What do your childhood and Microsoft have in common? Naturally, it’s tree houses. Microsoft employees can now work peacefully from the comfort of a wooden tree house, complete with a fireplace, wooden canopies, and of course, a Wi-Fi network.

The three new tree houses all have a “gingerbread house feel,” according to Microsoft. The buildings, constructed by Pete Nelson, host of the TV show Treehouse Masters, were built in response to a company-wide survey, where employees said they’d work outside more if given the opportunity. Two of the houses are already open, while the third—a covered lounge space—is expected to be finished this year.

The magical tree houses are constructed on the same property as the other buildings on Microsoft's Redmond campus, so employees can easily pop into meeting rooms or find a secluded space to focus. And, according to a blog post on the Microsoft website, employees are already reporting feeling more rested and productive. After all, with waterproof benches, wood canopies, and rustproof-locking chairs, why wouldn't you feel right at home? But wait—there’s more: when hunger strikes, employees can enjoy an indoor cafeteria and a barbeque restaurant built right into a shipping container. Talk about convenience.

These structures are made to last 20 years and will grow along with the trees, providing a serene working space for years to come. Now, if only every company had a tree house to work in with these top-notch amenities. It’s the perfect way to stay Namaste all day.