Because we all deserve a little self-care between long meetings.

By Sarah Waldrop
Updated August 27, 2019
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From harsh fluorescent lights to uncomfortable desk chairs, offices aren’t typically known for offering five-star comfort. With back-to-back meetings and a mile long to-do list, the distractions of an uncomfortable workspace can lead to less enjoyable workdays. However, creating a work space you actually look forward to presiding over can help increase your productivity—and even boost your creative juices.

Whether you're working from home, posting up in a co-working space, or powering through the workday in a cubicle, stock up on these little luxuries that will help you get through the day.


Upgrade your lackluster stationery with this pink velvet notebook that will leave you ready to tackle even the longest to-do list.

To buy: $12;


Restore firmness and relieve stress-induced jaw tension with this facial massage tool. Similar to a jade roller, this tool can promote lymphatic drainage and decrease puffiness (plus it's easy to use in the privacy of your own cubicle).

To buy: from $28;


Ditch your current coffee cup for this sleek, tech-savvy mug. Whether you're a tea or coffee drinker, your early-morning beverage of choice will stay hot for hours so you can get back to your busy inbox.

To buy: $79;


Combat dehydration with this rose-infused face mist. Keep it at your desk for a round-the-clock spritz that'll keep your glow working from nine to five.

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Keep a tube of this ultra-hydrating cream at your desk and you'll never deal with dry, cracked hands. The $8 price tag is a steal, and just one tube is enough to leave you with silky-smooth hands for months on end.

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Put the finishing touches on any look with this hydrating lip balm that offers lasting moisture and a swipe of color. It's the perfect beauty product to apply once it's finally time for happy hour.

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Nourish your nails on the go with this almond-infused cuticle cream. The lemon scent is clean and fresh, while ingredients like vitamin E and cocoa seed butter soothe.

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Combat office stress with this calming blend of essential oils. Roll onto your temples or wrists to subside any pre-meeting jitters.

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