These Inexpensive Office Supplies Will Get You Excited About Work

These fun finds will make your days feel like a little less work and a little more play.

Feeling a little uninspired at work recently? Sitting at a desk for hours every day can begin to feel a little monotonous, which is why we’ve curated a list of items that will bring back some excitement to your workspace, without breaking the bank. They’re simple upgrades to office staples. Think: pineapple-shaped pencil holders, gold-striped file folders, and cute mugs. By adding a few small touches to your workspace, you can take it from drab to fab.


Pineapple Pencil Holder

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If you like pina’ll love this adorable golden pencil holder. It’s a small touch that will add some fun to your workspace—and it may even have you reaching for your pencils a little more frequently.

To buy: $16;


Rose Gold and White Marble Desk Mat, Mouse Pad, and Coaster Set

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Elevate your desk with a touch of elegance with this rose gold and white marble mat set. (Bonus: All pieces are washable so there won’t be a problem if your coffee mug accidentally tips over!)

To buy: $30;


Gold Stripe Folders

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These gorgeous file folders will make even the most boring of tasks, like organizing your papers, feel glamorous. Slide them into a wire file holder on top of your desk to turn them from hidden office supplies into pretty (and functional) work station decorations.

To buy: $16;


U-Brands Chalk Board

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Make writing a to-do list a treat rather than a hassle with this chalkboard square. It’s the perfect place to leave yourself a reminder or a motivational message.

To buy: $10;


Post-It Calendar

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If staying super organized makes you feel less anxious, then this Post-It calendar will get you excited about staying on top of everything. Jot down your people, places, and appointments for the week and stick on post-its for last-minute additions.

To buy: $11;


“Coffee Then Adulting” Mug

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Have a smile with your morning coffee with the help of this funny mug. It’ll bring a little extra humor to your day as you reach for your second (or third) cup of joe.

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