Here are the best resources for finding a mentor, regardless of what you do for a living or where you live.
Katherine Phillips and Safiya Castel: mentor and protégée
Katherine Phillips and Safiya Castel: mentor and protégée
| Credit: Robert Maxwell



A national nonprofit that supports small-business owners and provides free mentoring services.

Highlight: The organization’s more than 340 chapters host events and workshops on subjects such as business financing and becoming an entrepreneur.

Levo League


An online career community with an active presence in 21 cities in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Highlight: Aspirants can directly ask “featured mentors”—established professionals, ranging from website editors to PR executives—questions about their careers.

U.S. Small Business Administration


This government agency provides advice and advocates on behalf of small businesses.

Highlight: The site’s Find a Mentor or Counselor page is a clearinghouse for resources to obtain a mentor.

Center for Talent Innovation

A think tank on workplace issues.

Highlight: Cutting-edge research on women and the challenges they face at work—both here and across the world.