If you're looking for a larger paycheck, read on.

By Grace Elkus
Updated March 09, 2016
Pile of Money
Credit: Image Source/Getty Images

When considering a new job (or even a career change), salary might be one of the factors on the forefront of your mind. Curious about how to bring home the big bucks? According to Glassdoor's latest survey, which was compiled based on the salaries of people who have reported them to Glassdoor over the past year, physicians, lawyers, and research and development managers have the largest paychecks. See the 10 jobs with the highest salaries below, then visit Glassdoor's site for the full list, which includes the number of job openings per position. The following salaries represent the median base salary for each job.

1. Physician: $180,000
2. Lawyer: $144,500
3. Research and Development Manager: $142,120
4. Software Development Manager: $132,000
5. Pharmacy Manager: $130,000
6. Strategy Manager: $130,000
7. Software Architect: $128,250
8. Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer: $127,500
9. IT Manager: $120,000
10. Solutions Architect: $120,000

But before you start filling out your application, remember that a higher salary doesn't necessarily equate to increased job satisfaction. Instead, you might be better off prioritizing a job with great work-life balance, or looking for open positions at the highest-rated companies.