Need to schedule a big meeting? Consider these tips before booking the conference room.

By Kate Parham
Updated September 07, 2011

Turns out, it’s not just what you say in that meeting with your boss but when you say it. To avoid having your ideas met with blank stares and stifled yawns, schedule your presentations on Tuesdays, around 10:30 A.M. Here’s why: “In the midmorning, early birds are still going strong, while night owls are getting into the stride of their day, meaning everyone in the audience should be energized and receptive,” says Andrew Bradbury, the author of Successful Presentation Skills ($15, Furthermore, a 2008 survey commissioned by Accountemps, a worldwide staffing agency, showed that Tuesday is the most effective day to show off Powerpoint skills, because people are in the full swing of the workweek and aren’t yet distracted by thoughts of the coming weekend. Want even more incentive? “If there’s anything in your presentation that needs to be followed up on, a Tuesday meeting time ensures that you have three more days in which to do so,” says Bradbury.